IVC Design vinyl tiles are an excellent solution for any space where floor durability and visual quality are important. Vinyl tiles are water-resistant, resistant to wear and tear, easy to install and maintain. IVC products are made from recycled materials and can be recycled after years of use. IVC vinyl tiles offer earth tones, abstract patterns, and solid color design solutions that are resistant to scuffs and stains even under heavy floor traffic.

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Sure, here is the translation of the Latvian text you provided: Tarkett is a high-quality manufacturer that offers both multi-layer heterogeneous and single-layer homogeneous linoleum with high durability. Tarkett heterogeneous linoleum is available with special additional sound absorption and slip-resistant options. Tarkett has patented its own linoleum coating technology, which provides even greater linoleum durability and makes it even easier to maintain. Tarkett homogeneous linoleum is a leader in durability and maintenance among alternative manufacturers. Homogeneous linoleum is also available with additional anti-static and slip-resistant treatment options, making it particularly suitable for heavily trafficked areas.

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